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php - Wordpress ACF get_field returning empty.

I'm developing an application through custom post type with custom fields using ACF plugin. When the custom post type is saved, it will create a blog in my network which works great however, when trying to copy the custom fields from the custom post type to the newly created blog's homepage with same acf custom fields, the acf custom fields are not saved. A little new to ACF and I've looked through the related stack overflow questions and yet can not seem to piece together this. I am attempting to render a link using custom fields in WordPress and the get_field function, yet I keep returning "empty data" and "null" for my results. I understand get_field will return 2 results, but I can't seem to extract my desired links.

10/03/2017 · Home › Forums › Add-ons › Flexible Content Field › get_field returns null for repeatable field in flexible content field. Solved get_field returns null for repeatable field in flexible content field. leon; August 24, 2016 at 7:09 pm; Hi! My structure is as follows. field name blocks flexible field layout name puff repeatable field named puff with three puffs in it I then have a. I've noticed that the True/False fields don't seem to honor a true default value outside of initializing the UI: the box will be checked for posts that don't have a value yet, but until you actually save the post the true value is not saved to the DB. If you get_field on a post with nothing saved to the DB, it will return false regardless of the field's default value. Acf Pro repeater field returns null when call inside foreach. 0. WooCommerce Custom Tab with ACF Repeater Field. 1. ACF: How to make get_field ignore the main wp query? Hot Network Questions What are the ethical implications of lying to get into a course? Why is dwarfism considered an advantage for jobs in space? If you were to fly an ILS in a knife edge would you receve GS and LOC be. I have two fields set for ACF posts specific to a custom post type. edition_number and artist_proofs Some post types dont have any data set for these, while some post types do. I am putting this.

I did it because I have an old website with thousands of posts so I wanted to migrate every old custom field to ACF, and used a little script to loop through every posts and then get_post_meta to read from the old metabox and update_field to insert the data in the new ACF fields. I am using the advanced custom field plugin for Wordpress.I am having difficulty displaying a field on my page. Basically I've created a field group and assigned id's to the members of that group. I then use the get_field'field_name' function to store the value of this field in a variable and echo it on the screen. However this is returning false. I've also tried using the_field'field.

I'm using Advanced Custom Fields making it easier for my client to manage his content. On all of my child- and parent pages i would like to have the same header image and sidebar information. 11/08/2018 · Home › Forums › General Issues › Display if not empty Solved Display if not empty Steven July 10, 2015 at 5:48 am This is probably a really simple PHP problem on my part still learning PHP, and I apologize that this probably isn’t an ACF issue more but rather my not knowing enough PHP,. PHP acf_maybe_get_field - 9 examples found. These are the top rated real world PHP examples of acf_maybe_get_field extracted from open source projects. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples. I have a problem with the repeater field in Acf Pro. I want to retrieve fields inside the foreach but it gives me "null" value. Can someone help me? I just had the same problem. It's insanely poorly documented on ACF's pages as in, not there at all. The core of your problem is, that you have spaces in your options-page names. And when you access it, using the 'ID', then you have to use the 'page_title', but where all spaces are replaced by underscores. Please note, that it's not all lowercase. It's written exactly as you've done it.

I am trying to understand the documentation in regards to using ACF Javascript. What i want to accomplish is simply getting a value out of a field. my field is called “workstations” with 2 sub fields “current_amount” and “increment_amount” Basically I want the ACF Javascript version of.

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